VM Protection for All Your Customers’ Needs

Asigra Cloud Backup™ Flexible VM Protection Options Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Protecting Your Customers’ VMs

Your customers are using virtual machines (VMs) for everything from temporary test environments to mission critical applications. The way you protect those VMs should also differ. The challenge for you is to provide your customers with a spectrum of VM protection options that doesn’t escalate your costs and complexity.

Asigra Cloud Backup™ makes it easy for you to differentiate VM protection according to your customer’s needs on a VM by VM basis by giving you 3 VM protection options:

  1. Point in time backups – Take as few or as many backups of VM as you wish. Backups let you recover a VM to the exact state it was in when you took the backup. Alternatively, you can just recover individual files from a VM backup if that’s all you need.
  2. Snapshot-based replication – Replicate a source VM directly to one or more target VMs. The target VMs are in a ‘warm’ state, enabling you to failover the workload from the source VM to a target VM in as little as 5 minutes or less, making this a great option for mission critical workloads that have fast recovery time objectives (RTOs).
  3. Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) – Take VM backups and have those backups automatically recovered to a local or remote standby VM. This option is ideal when you need to be able to fail over a workload to a standby VM relatively quickly, yet also need to maintain point-in-time backups to recover from in case the standby VM ever goes down as well.

Benefits of protecting your customer’s VMs with Asigra Cloud Backup include:

  • Eliminate 3rd party VM protection tools – Eliminates the cost and complexity of having to deal with multiple 3rd party VM protection tools.
  • Single integrated, multi-tenant solution – View and administer all VM protection options across all the VMs in your customer’s IT environments from the same GUI tool.
  • Expands your total addressable market –Meet the RTOs of a majority of enterprise customer VM use cases, and potentially charge a premium for a DRaaS based on VM replication.

For more information, schedule a technical webinar meeting with an Asigra Recoverability Specialist:

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