When thinking about data protection in a network, two technologies need to be considered: data backup and data replication. Asigra Cloud Backup copies data off-site to a secure location and maintains several versions of files to protect against both accidental and malicious data corruption. In addition, Asigra comes integrated with replication on the data vault side to protect DS-System online storage.

Asigra Cloud Backup Replication.Asigra’s DS-System can be replicated between two or more DS-Systems. This offers many benefits, such as:

  • Redundancy: with multiple working copies (secondary backups) of the DS-System Online Storage.
  • High availability: DS-Clients can switch from a failed DS-System to a Replicated DS-System immediately
  • Application specific replication: no 3rd party tools are needed to replicate the storage, database or application. Asigra’s replication provides a duplicate, live vault with all the moving parts of a primary vault
  • Support of dissimilar hardware and platform configurations: Microsoft Windows on primary vault and a Linux build as your secondary vault. Different Extensible Storage Configuration from source DS-System to Replicated DS-System is also supported.
  • Data is replicated at the block level: deduplicated, encrypted and compressed backup data is replicated in the most efficient manner
  • Additional revenue opportunity and value: capture market segments that demand Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who can offer efficient, reliable replication
  • Replication is not limited to a primary and secondary site only: additional replication sites can be turned up based on MSP’s customer's requirements
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