Local-only Backup

Asigra enables Service Providers and enterprises to store some or all backup data locally. Data can also be stored locally as well as offsite Or offsite only. Since data stored locally can be backed up and restored at LAN speeds, Local-Only Backup gives organizations an added, low cost tier of recovery.

Salient features of local-only backup include:

  • Low-cost agentless alternative to incumbent tape-based solution
  • A Local-Only Backup Set backs up data to the DS-Client LAN without sending any data to the DS-System at the remote site. This helps reduce WAN bandwidth costs
  • Each generation backed up for a Local-Only Backup Set is independently restorable and does not depend on other generations of the same file
  • The data resides compressed locally on customer premises allowing data backups and recoveries at LAN speeds
  • Local-Only Backup Sets can be easily migrated to offsite backup sets
  • Local-Only Backup helps further align the value of data with the cost of protecting it
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