Laptop Protection with Asigra Cloud Backup

Imagine a backup and recovery solution that not only ensures that your laptop is always backed up and protected, but also allows you to throttle CPU and bandwidth usage.

A vast majority of laptops today contain confidential customer data and corporate Intellectual Property (IP). It is no surprise then that for businesses, protecting data on laptops becomes critical to ensure business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Introducing the DS-Mobile Client

Asigra has built the DS-Mobile Client specifically keeping your laptop backup requirements in mind. With Asigra, you can be rest assured that as long as you’re connected to the local network or have a WAN connection, your laptop is being securely backed up. What more, it’s a completely automated process with built-in data reduction techniques such as block-level deduplication and compression that result in WAN bandwidth savings.

Some key features of the DS-Mobile Client include:

  • Quick backup and recovery through intuitive wizards and options
  • Self-management – mobile  users can use DS-Mobile Client to backup and restore their own data anytime, anywhere
  • Simple GUI designed for novice users
  • MSPs can self-brand their customized GUI
  • Reduced costs on support, backup/recovery, management and bandwidth usage with Mass Deployment
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