LAN Storage Discovery

A common challenge when designing data protection strategies is determining what type and volume of data exists in an organization.

The Asigra LAN Storage Discovery tool focuses on areas of data growth and ways to help you optimize data. It is useful both before and after you begin using Asigra software.

LAN Discovery helps enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) categorize data for either long-term archive or storage. Since all data does not carry equal value in the eyes of the customer, this capability allows the MSP to balance value of their customers data to the cost of protecting that data by offering descending cost for older (less valuable) data.

LAN Discovery can also be run at intervals to gauge data growth or shrinkage within the entire customer environment. These reports can be used as metrics to better understand the end user environment for backup and planning purposes.

A pre-sales tool such as LAN Discovery is a unique value-add for backup software. With this tool, and others within the suite, Asigra’s Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can gauge their customer’s environment and can accurately quote end users with the least amount of manual work.

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