Agentless Data Collector: DS-Client

Enterprise data resides in a multitude of locations, from the data center to virtual servers, desktops, laptops and employees’ personal smartphones, Saas-based applications like Office 365 and third party clouds like AWS, Azure, Google, and Oracle. Organizations need comprehensive secure cloud backup and recovery software that is easy to centrally deploy and maintain to ensure they can deliver reliable data protection across the entire enterprise.

Simplify data collection

DS-Client is a key component of Asigra’s agentless software architecture as it collects all of the data across the LAN before deduping, compressing, encrypting and transmitting the data to the DS-System or the central data backup respository. Since the software is agentless, there is no need to install and maintain countless agents nor is there a requirement for multiple point solutions as Asigra Cloud Backup is an end-to-end converged data protection solution that can back up data in the data center and beyond.

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How it works

The DS-Client software does not need to be installed on every machine it backs up. Instead, the DS-Client is installed on your LAN and collects data from all machines, drives, applications and systems on it, as well as being configured to collect data from cloud-based applications and platforms such as Office 365, G-Suite,, AWS, Azure and others.

The DS-Client can run on a dedicated machine or on an existing machine, physical or virtual, on the LAN. It is designed to back up a heterogeneous environment of different operating systems, databases, applications and data types. One DS-Client is sufficient to collect and backup all the data on the LAN, including:

  • Servers – Virtual and Physical
  • Desktops, Laptops
  • Tablets and Smartphones
  • Enterprise Databases and Applications
  • Network or Local Drives
  • Structured Applications
  • Raw Files
  • Docker Containers
  • Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business
  • G Suite (formerly Google Apps)
  • Salesforce
  • AWS, Azure and other cloud infrastructures

The DS-Client efficiently and securely transmits the data to the Asigra DS-System onsite or offsite over the Wide Area Network (WAN).

The agentless DS-Client supports Windows, Linux, Unix Mac, iOS and Android. It is designed to accommodate a range of heterogeneous network backup requirements and can be deployed in grid configuration for failover protection and increased performance.

Flawless data collection

The DS-Client collects data throughout the enterprise IT environment, offering the same seamless data protection on everything from the data center to handheld devices.

Data centers

Protect critical servers and enterprise applications in physical and virtual environments, securely transmitting it to either an onsite or offsite DS-System for storage. DS-Client is available for data centers in a standalone configuration as well as a grid configuration for redundancy, reliability and load balancing. In either configuration, backups use incremental forever, common file elimination and compression algorithms to minimize the amount of data transferred.

Remote or branch offices

Use the same solution to back up all corporate LANs, regardless of their location. With Asigra Cloud Backup, you centrally manage the backup for all Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) servers, desktops, laptops and their cloud-based applications to a secure offsite repository. Disk-based, block-level incremental client-side deduplication reduces bandwidth requirements, and deployment is simplified because no application-specific clients are required.

All endpoint devices

Whether employees use their own devices for corporate work or company-owned mobile devices, you need to ensure the data is recoverable. Asigra Cloud Backup can securely back up all corporate data that is accessed, modified and stored by employees on any endpoint device:

  • Remote corporate laptops – Installed on the remote laptop, the DS-Mobile Client* collects data from the remote laptop it resides on. The DS-Mobile Client can be centrally configured and efficiently mass deployed to any number of Windows or Mac laptops.
  • Smartphones and tablets – Installed on both corporate and consumer devices, the DS-Smartphone Client and DS-Tablet Client* applications are available for download from Apple App Store for iOS, or Google Play or Amazon Appstore for Android.

* Each variation of DS-Client software is licensed at no additional cost; customers can install as many as necessary to protect their IT environment.

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