Use a single, automated billing system to track and generate invoices for all your backup and recovery services.

As a fully integrated and complimentary component of Asigra Cloud Backup™, the DS-Billing module provides Service Providers and enterprise IT departments with a consistent, easy-to-use and customizable approach to billing activity on their DS-Systems without requiring multiple billing systems.

Foster Greater Customer Satisfaction with Flexible Billing Options

Designed to easily and effortlessly automate the billing process for recurring revenue services, DS-Billing offers the flexibility to calculate charges by stored data size, protected data size, native size or a simple flat fee for different data types.

DS-Billing provides a complete range of options for how you manage billing and invoice customers. With DS-Billing, you can:

  • Manage billing information, types, scales, commissions and reports
  • Provide peak-of-month, average-of-month or end-of-month billing
  • Invoice in a wide range of formats, including PDF, Jasper Report, RTF, CVS, ODT, DOCX, HTML and Microsoft Excel
  • Support multiple currencies and payment options
  • Custom brand your invoices
  • Export billing information into your current billing system

Service Providers who go to market via a multi-tier reseller and distribution channel can enable their downstream wholesale partners to have their own dedicated pricing and discount tiers, as well as determine their own market pricing.

How DS-Billing Works

DS-Billing retrieves statistical information from Asigra DS-System and Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) Archiver to calculate the backup and recovery service charges per customer. It accurately maintains the billing information based on the established billing rules, fees and agreements to automatically generate invoices, or you can easily export billing information into Microsoft Excel or existing systems to tabulate and add extra line items for other services. The system provides the flexibility to apply billing rules relating to the Asigra Capacity License Model and/or the Asigra Recovery License Model®.

DS-Billing Screenshot

Here are four ways DS-Billing helps you provide accurate and timely billing to help you manage your finances effectively:

  • Set up customized billing scales — Include online, Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM), local-only, and recovery billing scales, as well as additional service charges for installations, LAN Storage Discovery, Disc/Tape requests, remote DS-VDR infrastructure cost, and remote DS-VDR ongoing maintenance.
  • Generate invoices — The system automatically calculates charges (including any applicable taxes), generates the invoice in the preferred format and emails it to your customer or posts it to the Asigra DS-NOC. Invoices can be generated at the DS-System level, Sales Group level, Account, DS-Client or Backup Set Level.
  • Specify Chargebacks and Budget Quotas — Service Providers with multiple customers (or a corporate IT department servicing multiple remote offices, agencies or departments) can bill based on departmental capacity limits, spending limits, and/or capacity limits, as well as issue hard or soft quota notifications.
  • Automate Discount Promotions — Want to promote a time-sensitive or limited time special offer to your customers? DS-Billing will help you easily manage the appropriate discount calculations and schedule a set expiry date for offers.

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