Asigra Cloud Backup Integrated Deduplication

Efficient data reduction lowers total cost of ownership and reduces risk

Asigra Cloud Backup™ offers unprecedented efficiencies to the data being captured, ingested, stored and transmitted over the network using the following methods:

  • De-duplication techniques
  • Support for local/client-side deduplication at Local Area Network (LAN) level as well as global deduplication (known as Common File Elimination) across all protected sites.
  • Asigra Cloud Backup identifies duplicate data by looking for the same data queued for backup more than once. All data is compared based on its content, so it does not matter if the files are on different servers or have different names. Common data is stored to the appropriate repository and a pointer/stub is used to point from the data’s original location to the library location. This is a continuous process, as common data can appear at any time.
  • Backup and transmission of only new/changed data (incremental forever)
  • The initial backup is a full backup. From that point on Asigra Cloud Backup only transmits new/changed data (incremental forever). This results in significant bandwidth savings.
  • Advanced compression techniques
  • The data compression ratio achieved with data compression is dependent on data type. Higher compression ratios can be achieved for databases than for image or audio files. Since, compressing already compressed data can increase the file size, Asigra technology has the intelligence to detect compressed files and it skips re-compression of such files.

Capturing less, ingesting less and storing less with Asigra

Bandwidth optimization drives down costs.

One of the biggest challenges with protecting remote sites is managing WAN bandwidth costs. For service providers, managing bandwidth costs is an essential factor in delivering a profitable backup service. Service providers' WAN costs are based on the amount of bandwidth consumed across all customers at peak times. Optimizing the amount of bandwidth being consumed in the data center mitigates steep fluctuations which lowers the operational costs associated with bandwidth for service providers.

The combination of deduplication of data, continuous deltas and compression, changes the economics of protecting data in service providers' favor. Service providers can reduce the amount of WAN bandwidth utilized, minimizing operational costs, and reduces the amount of storage capacity required to deliver the service. This combination is not a one-time cost savings, but an ongoing requirement in ensuring the economic viability of the service. Bandwidth Throttling functionality enables bandwidth management as well.

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Technical Features of Asigra Cloud Backup

Case Study

London & Capital realizes 25% reduction in daily and weekly backup windows with Asigra Cloud Backup

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