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Asigra Cloud Backup™ features Continuous Data Protection (CDP), which enables data recovery back to any point in time.

Organizations want their data to be protected as soon as it is in its final state. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) refers to data automatically protected whenever a change is made to that data (asynchronous backup). Therefore, CDP enables data copies almost in real-time capturing every version of the data whenever the user saves it. It allows the data to be restored to any point in time.

Asigra’s agentless CDP feature allows unlimited granularity since your customers can have their data recovered from an infinite number of recovery point objectives (RPO). CDP protected files are protected whenever they are saved to disk by customers in their source computers. CDP also continuously monitors the changes on the specified target files and backs up the changes as soon as they are detected. Asigra CDP is implemented as a no-cost backup option and can be applied to file systems and email backup sets to improve recovery SLA of critical data.

The business benefits of using CDP include:

  1. Increase SLA compliance. CDP provides peace of mind that the latest version of critical data has been backed up and is available to be recovered.
  2. Flexible RPOs. Traditional backups can only restore data to the point at which the backup was taken. With CDP, there are no backup schedules. When protected data is saved to disk, it is also asynchronously written to the central multi-tenanted storage repository (the Asigra DS-System) or to the Cloud. CDP keeps not only the latest saved version of protected data but also keeps track of the previous versions, allowing data recovery from a wider range of time.
  3. Immediate protection of critical data. Once protected data is saved to disk, it is backed up locally (if local storage is available) and is simultaneously sent encrypted over the Wide Area Network (WAN) to be stored offsite in the centralized repository. Backup window and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are reduced to zero.

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