Cloud License Server

As enterprises adopt different models of cloud computing, their backup and recovery needs will shift. Help your customers transition between private, public and hybrid cloud service models with a uniquely agile approach to license management that makes your business operations flexible.

Adapt in Real Time to Customer Needs

The Asigra Cloud License Server is a single point of management for all components in your Asigra Cloud Backup™ environment. This one-of-a-kind technology will let you respond in real time to changing customer requirements.

Asigra Cloud License Server enables you to:

  • Modify the service parameters of your customers from anywhere on-demand
  • Seamlessly port customers’ services across your provisioned cloud infrastructure
  • Provide your clients with pay-as-you-go services through granular sub-terabyte provisioning options
  • Perform dynamic rebalancing of federated cloud capacity
  • Execute your wholesale channel routes to market efficiently

You can access the Asigra Cloud License Server from an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface to perform license management tasks such as managing and provisioning capacity, expiration dates and notifications.

How the Asigra Cloud License Server Works

A single instance of the Asigra Cloud License Server manages the licensing of all Asigra components in your environment, regardless of whether they are running on physical or virtual servers, the geographic locations of your data centers, or the software or hardware configurations of the components.

DS License Server Diagram

The Asigra Cloud License Server, which consists of a software component and a hardware key, can run on any reliable physical or virtual machine in your environment and does not require high-end computing resources. All Asigra components must authenticate themselves with this singular license server, so Asigra recommends deploying it on a simple physical machine with a reliable network connection.

With Asigra Cloud License Server, you can:

  • Manage License Capacity — Redistribute the capacity pools you hold across your various customers, allowing you to perform dynamic rebalancing of your capacity in response to fluctuating demand. As long as you have unallocated license capacity, you can automatically add additional capacity to any of your customers’ or wholesale partners’ DS-Systems as they near their allocated license limits to ensure that backup and recovery jobs that are either in progress or have been scheduled continue to run as planned. You can also provide smaller customers with sub-terabyte provisioning of capacity.
  • Support private, public and hybrid cloud deployment models — Provide your customers with the option to select the cloud model that best meets their needs and help them seamlessly migrate to a different model as their business requirements change.
  • Manage Customer Accounts — Set up individual expiration dates and time-bound licenses for individual Asigra components, such as in the case of an evaluation period or when you want to suspend particular users without having to modify the licensing parameters.
  • Monitor and Control — In the unlikely event that you have to troubleshoot an issue related to the licensing or access of an Asigra component, the Asigra Cloud License Server maintains system logs that you can audit to investigate the status of the connectivity, system events, the results of the authentication of various components to the Asigra Cloud License Server, as well as any changes made to the licensing on the tool.

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