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Falcon IT
Fitness and Sport Performance Programs and Instruction

Before Falcon IT installed Asigra’s Hybrid Cloud BackupTM and Recovery Software, only the critical data was occasionally being backed up manually using easily corruptible rewritable CDs, which would have offered little protection in the event of a system breakdown. Smartways TouchPoint online backup and recovery software, powered by Asigra technology, saved Art of Performance from the brink of disaster. The website and e-book company, Art of Performance, experienced complete data loss when a local power cut occurred at the moment the server was shutting down for the night, which caused the desktop PC to break down. The system administrator initially contacted the computer manufacturer and was given an estimate of one week for a new system to be uploaded, but could offer no remedy in view of the lost data. However, with the Asigra-based backup software already in place as part of the overall IT support service from Falcon IT, Art of Performance had a new PC installed and was able to access all of its lost data within eight hours of the power cut.

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