Backup Lifecycle Management

Not all backup data should be treated equally. Some types of data are more important than others; some types of data need to be accessed more frequently than others. Enterprises and service providers ought to have enough control that they can align the value of information with the cost of protecting it, by backing up different tiers of data to the appropriate storage system and migrating data as necessary over time.

Store Backup Data Cost Effectively and Efficiently

Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), a component of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), is the practice of writing data to one storage system, then migrating it to less expensive storage systems as it ages.

Asigra has applied this concept to backup and recovery. Operationally critical data requires more frequent backups on higher performance devices, while less critical and older versions of backups are relegated to less expensive, lower performance devices to save costs.

With Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM) you can:

  • Protect all data cost effectively — archive obsolete generations, deleted data and old data
  • Comply with backup regulations — enable periodic copy archiving and manage data destruction with certificate
  • Use offsite replication — benefit from additional redundancy and compliance

How Backup Lifecycle Management Works

BLM is a comprehensive proprietary approach developed by Asigra that enterprises and service providers can use to establish multiple tiers of data recovery, so they can achieve the optimal mix of fast, on-site recovery capabilities and a cost-effective range of backup storage based on SLAs, Business Continuity plans and retention policies.

Backup Lifecycle Management Diagram

BLM is based on the idea that the value of data changes over time. For example:

  • Data that is 2 minutes old is highly valued
  • Data that is 2 months old may be of interest but is not as highly valued
  • Data that is 2 years old may be needed for records but it is not critical to the daily functioning of the company

“Young” and other high-priority data is information that a business needs to stay operational and is backed up on a high performance storage solution.

However, “old” or low-priority data is not critical to the day-to-day running of the business—but still must be preserved—and can be relegated to lower-cost storage such as low-cost disk, tape, or storing it in the cloud with a service like Amazon S3.

With BLM, enterprises and service providers can ensure that they have the right combination of fast recovery capabilities and cost-effective backup storage for business continuity and compliance requirements.

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