Backup Lifecycle Management

A tiered recovery strategy for backup data allows you to align the value of information with the cost of protecting it. Asigra calls this Backup Lifecycle Management (BLM).

With Asigra Cloud Backup™, you can automate how you manage different tiers of backup data to achieve an optimal mix of fast recovery capabilities and cost-effective backup storage, while meeting important compliance and regulatory requirements.

How BLM Works

The BLM module enables you to classify multiple tiers of backup data based on SLAs, Business Continuity plans and retention policies, and then automatically migrate those tiers, based on a set schedule and policy, to lower-cost backup storage.

BLM features four stages of tiered recovery for backup data:

  • Local-only — Low-value data that is retained for very short periods of time in on-site storage and not managed by the BLM system (Read more about Local-only storage here)
  • DS-System — This software component acts as an online disk-based storage vault to maintain mission-critical data, such as newer “young” backup data and high-value business continuity information required for day-to-day operations, ensuring it is available for fast recovery on short notice
  • BLM Archiver — This component stores and manages older, less important data or dormant files that an organization must retain for business compliance in a near-line archive
  • Off-disk storage — You can further reduce the cost of preserving retention data by migrating it to lower-cost disk, tape or storing it in the cloud with a service like Amazon S3

Backup Lifecycle Management

An automated, scheduled process sorts and migrates the different types of data based on policies to ensure tiers of data are moved on a regular basis. Similarly, policies can be established in the BLM system to automatically destroy older archived data, which also produces certificates for regulatory compliance purposes.

Backup Lifecycle Management Diagram

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