Gain valuable insight into what you recover. Get smart and improve your IT efficiency

We are revolutionizing the way you look at backup and recovery.

We help you gain transparency with powerful recovery analytic tools. With Asigra Recovery Tracker™, you get a glimpse into the state of your data recovery performance.

You are finally able to get in-depth insights into:

  • The amount of data you recover
  • The number of recoveries you make
  • The type of data you recover
  • The reasons why you recover your data
  • How you compare with others in your industry

As they say, “you can’t improve what you can’t measure.” There is finally a way, using Asigra Recovery Tracker, to make a direct correlation between running your IT shop efficiently and saving money. You can demonstrate, in quantifiable form, the actual savings that you derive as a result of your performance and efficiencies by leveraging the Asigra Recovery License Model®.

Furthermore, the Asigra Recovery Tracker helps you extend your insight further into your industry vertical, your geographical location, your business size, and your IT environment to benchmark your performance compared to others. You can now gauge how you compare to your competitors, and identify ways for continuous improvements.

How it works

Asigra Recovery Tracker, a powerful proprietary analytics engine included with Asigra Cloud Backup™, collects analytics about your data recovery. Key actionable analytics are collected, and displayed in an easy-to-understand, highly visual manner, to aide in on-going decision-making. The recovery analytics can help highlight inefficiencies within an IT environment, and further pinpoint problem areas such as unreliable equipment, unstable applications, and operational practices that can be improved. The objective is to uncover inefficiencies and act on them so that you can recover less. So that you can pay less.

Download the Asigra Recovery Tracker data sheet to learn more about how you can further leverage recovery analytics to improve your IT operational efficiencies.

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