Customizable APIs

APIs are a vehicle to ubiquity and tight integration. Asigra provided APIs facilitate tighter integration and customization of existing products offered by Asigra Managed Service Providers (MSPs) extending their customer reach and resulting in new revenue opportunities.

DS-NOC API DS-NOC APIs*, MSPs can integrate the management functionalities available on the Web Portal into any existing web site or application, allowing for the development of a custom interface to manage the DS-System.

DS-Client and DS-Mobile Client API The DS-Client and DS-Mobile Client GUI can be customized according to Service Providers branding needs to offer comprehensive laptop protection services to end-users. When using Asigra to protect mobile devices, a Service Provider can customize and self-brand the DS-Mobile Client GUI and control the DS-Client from within their existing application lowering MSPs learning curve saving time and money.

Asigra’s APIs are documented in a clear, easy to read format. This documentation provides development teams the details needed to be self-sufficient and creative.

*Formally known as as Web Portal API.

For further details please contact an Asigra Recoverability Specialist:

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