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There has never been a better time to be a cloud backup solution provider.

Recent Gartner research revealed that cloud backup is the leading area of cloud services adoption for businesses in the next 12 months*


Inside, discover how the Powered by Asigra Hybrid Partner Program provides value beyond software and is the choice of leading Cloud Backup Service Providers providing cloud backup and recovery services to over 400,00 sites worldwide.

With Asigra, you can expect:

  • Lower, more predictable operating costs
  • Hybrid Partner discounts based on your pro-rata contribution
  • Deal registration incentives
  • Online Sales training Virtual Marketing Team
  • Ready-made integrated lead generation campaigns
  • Market development support

If you're looking for a cloud backup vendor committed to helping you drive revenue, boost profitability, create new opportunities and close deals quickly, download your copy of "Get Powered by Asigra" brochure to learn more today!

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