Own Your Own Vault

Over the years, Asigra has assisted many Managed Service Providers in buying their own infrastructure and moving from reselling backup to offering it as a service that’s managed and delivered in-house.

The ownership advantage.Yes, owning and operating your own vault has some great advantages. It helps you increase profitability as your margins increase. You get control over your customers’ accounts and are better able to meet your customers’ technical and business needs. Overall, owning your infrastructure helps you gain better control over customer satisfaction.

Minimizing the risk in ownership.However, with ownership comes operational risk, as well as issues with management and long-term scalability. That is why Asigra has spent tremendous resources in building not only an industry leading product but also industry leading support services – Value Beyond Software.

The Hybrid Partner Program offers you the flexibility you need to get up and running with your Asigra Powered Backup and Recovery Service. Click here to learn more.

Additionally, Asigra provides its partners with resources such as a Market Readiness Toolkit, a Sales Certification Program, an extensive training program, and much more to help minimize operational risk. Of course, our software is also designed to be low-touch so that you can focus on activities that are truly transformational to your business.

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