Protect Docker Containers and Reduce Barriers to Protecting Data across the Enterprise with Asigra Cloud Backup

If you are an organization that has embraced the IT operational and cost efficiencies of open source Docker containers, or are a Solution Provider who is helping your customers source a backup solution that supports Docker containers, Asigra Cloud Backup™ is an agentless, multi-tenant software solution that provides a secure, reliable backup for Docker.

Many organizations have already started to deploy Docker containers into production, and are enjoying greater business agility, better performance, and lower costs as a result. As the industry leader in enterprise-grade, comprehensive data protection, Asigra Cloud Backup fully supports the Docker open platform for distributed applications enabling organizations to backup and recover Docker containers both in development and production environments.

Asigra Cloud Backup provides seamless operation with Docker containers by eliminating the need for disruptive software agents on backup targets resulting in simpler management, better performance and greater security. The comprehensive, multi-tenant, end-to-end enterprise-class software solution provides a high degree of automation, including autonomic healing for recovery assurance and policy-based optimization that simplifies operations in multi-platform physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments.

In addition, the Asigra Cloud Backup client-side component, which orchestrates data protection in the enterprise firewall, will now be provided as a Docker container downloadable from the Docker Hub in 1Q2015. This will make it easy for organizations to protect data sources, both on internal LANs and in cloud development environments, by enabling them to effortlessly deploy the client software wherever data protection is needed. Moreover, since most Linux OS’s already come with a pre-installed Docker engine, deploying the Asigra Cloud Backup DS-Client Docker container to any physical or virtual Linux server is straightforward.

Award-winning Asigra Cloud Backup delivers deployment flexibility by adapting to any size single or multi-location environment, supporting any size business from SMBs to the multi-national enterprise. The solution scales easily with grid-based vault/client architecture and provides advanced features including Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for loss-less recoveries, global data deduplication and one of the industry’s strongest security profiles available with AES-256 encryption and NIST FIPS 140-2 certification.

The use of Docker and Asigra is an efficiency play for service providers and organizations worldwide. When combined with the Asigra Recovery License Model® (RLM), organizations benefit from immediate cost savings and long term operational efficiencies. Docker also provides interoperability for organizations using multiple third party based cloud applications such as Amazon and Azure. Organizations can use Docker to move containers from one cloud to another; or from a cloud to on-premise or vice versa. In concert with Docker, Asigra provides flexibility as it can be used cloud-to-cloud; cloud to on-premise; and on-premise to cloud.

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Asigra’s enterprise-class backup and recovery software provides a complete range of features that ensure the maximum in reliability, security, manageability and affordability.

Purpose-built for public, private and hybrid cloud architectures, Asigra Cloud Backup is equipped with:

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