Complimentary Guide: What You Need to Know About Cloud Backup

Over the last decade, cloud backup, recovery and restore (BURR) options have emerged as a secure, cost-effective and reliable method of safeguarding the increasing amounts of corporate information being generated daily. 

This document addresses the most common questions that companies are asking about cloud backup and will help you determine what role a cloud BURR solution can have in your business.

In this guide discover:

  • How does data recovery work in the cloud
  • What to look for in a reliable cloud backup service
  • What you’ll need to setup and maintain a cloud backup
  • The cost of ongoing operations of cloud backups
  • How a cloud backup system can guarantee safe data transfer

Download your complimentary guide to help you answer these important questions and discover why more companies are moving into the cloud to take advantage of the reliability, cost, savings and ease of operation associated with cloud backup.


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