Is Your Sales Team Ready to Sell Cloud Backup Services?

Sep 2015

Is Your Sales Team Ready to Sell Cloud Backup Services?


How to Engage SalesAs most IT Service Providers know, the most well-conceived business plan is worthless without a good sales strategy. But some Service Providers introducing a cloud backup Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering overlook just how much their Sales team will have to adjust its approach in order to succeed.

What makes DRaaS so different to sell?

Beyond sell once/collect once

As a complete end-to-end cloud backup solution that includes personnel, services and facilities, DRaaS can help differentiate a Service Provider in its market, expand its total addressable market or increase wallet share with existing customers. Most importantly, it can drive monthly recurring revenue.

Because of that, DRaaS often does not fit neatly with the existing sales plan for its portfolio of products and services. The standard sell once/collect once model of licensing of hardware or software does not apply.

A monthly recurring revenue model can require a big shift for Sales, with entirely new thinking.

Solution selling

DRaaS focuses less on backup for backup’s sake and more on putting all the right pieces in place to quickly and successfully recover clients’ critical business information when something goes wrong. Sales must embrace an approach known as “solution selling”: taking the time to first understand the clients’ challenges, and then tailor DRaaS to fill that gap.

Salespeople who have spent years honing their skills for selling hardware or software licenses can find this a difficult adjustment. A Service Provider that makes the strategic decision to offer DRaaS needs to have a plan in place to ensure Sales gets behind it — or risk failing before it even starts.

Learn how to energize Sales

We recently published a new short guide about how Service Providers can help ensure Sales gets behind the new offering. Drawn from top DRaaS Service Providers, these best practices will help drive sales performance to make your cloud backup service a success.

Download "How to Energize Sales for Cloud Backup Services."

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