Is Your Company Ready For Hurricane Season?

Jul 2012

Is Your Company Ready For Hurricane Season?

Posted by Gregory Devine

Despite the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) prediction that this hurricane season will be average, the 2012 hurricane season started off with a bang with four named storms by June 23, making this the first year since 1851 that four tropical storms have appeared before July 1st.

HurricaneAll this attention to hurricanes has raised awareness of disaster recovery. Of course, everyone hopes that this hurricane season will be a calm one and the damage, if any, will be minimal. However, as with every hurricane season, there is the possibility that homes and businesses will be affected by storms. This season, Hurricane Debby damaged more than 100 homes and businesses in Florida, and the flood waters are not expected to recede for weeks. Being unable to resume normal business operations for such a long period could be devastating to a business, and what if the storm had caused a data loss?

As the hurricane season kicks into full gear, now is the time to re-evaluate your organization's disaster recovery plan, before it's too late.

Evacuation RouteA DTI/PWC study revealed the sobering, if not surprising, statistic that 7 out of 10 small firms with a major data loss close their doors within a year. According to another study by the Institute of Business and Home Safety, one in four SMBS that are forced to close due to a disaster never re-open. Information is the lifeblood of a company, and losing crucial business data, even for a short period of time, can prove to be a critical blow to the organization.

And it's not just SMBs that should be concerned – larger organizations can suffer from the loss of data. The longer the downtime a business endures, the more damage to the bottom line. Not being able to access critical business information and applications could negatively affect business continuity for any sized organization.

That's why you need to start asking questions about your organization's backup and recovery procedures. When is the last time you conducted a recoverability assessment? Is your data sent to a safe, off-site archive? Is the backup data encrypted at rest and in flight? If I need to recover data, how long will it take? What about critical corporate data stored on the mobile devices (laptops, smart phones, tablets) that are in use at your company – do you have a data protection plan?

To help you answer those questions, click here to contact a Managed Service Provider, powered by Asigra, who can provide you with a recoverability assessment and help get your company prepared for hurricane season.

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