You Suck At Sales If You Are Losing to Price

Jun 2012

You Suck At Sales If You Are Losing to Price

Posted by Tracy Staniland

This was one of the messages delivered during the keynote presentation by Jeffrey Gitomer at the 5th Annual Asigra Cloud Backup™ Partner Summit. I had the opportunity to meet and listen to the author of the Little Red Book of Selling Jeffrey Gitomer. Wow what an experience – Jeffrey is a rock star. You know when someone says "you had to be there" – well you had to be there. Jeffrey is a very dynamic, motivational speaker who delivers strong messages relating to both sales and marketing best practices.

As a conference organizer, the pressure is always on. You hope that the personalities that you retain to deliver a keynote presentation deliver an engaging, informative, entertaining presentation as promised. You cross your fingers, hold your breathe and hope for the best. Well, based on feedback from our partners and my own experience, Jeffrey delivered and then some. He is definitely one of the best speakers that I have had the pleasure of hearing. The messages he shared really resonated with the audience.

Some key learning from his presentation included:

  • Delivering business outcomes to your customer is more important than the sale
  • You suck at sales if you are losing to price
  • People don’t like to be sold, they like to buy
  • You have to be different from the competition
  • The customer has to be better off from purchasing from you
  • You have to be emotionally engaging
  • Be yourself
  • Laughing is the key to connecting
  • Engage with your prospects and customers
  • Relationship engagement is key to your sales success
  • Be able to deliver valuable information to your prospects and customers – because you can be guaranteed they are checking you out on LinkedIn, Twitter, your website, long before you meet with them – so don't show up and present information that can be easily found on your website

Tell us what you thought of the presentation. What were your key takeaways that you can implement in your business? Did you find the presentation engaging, entertaining and informative?

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Jeffrey delivers as usual...

Jeffrey delivers as usual... always an excellent speaker. I am a big proponent of not selling on price and its great to hear Jeffrey drive home the points with his witty humor. Relationship and Value selling are keys to success and I hope Jeffrey is back again next year, new Partner summit.

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