Winning At Golf & Backup

Jul 2014

Winning At Golf & Backup

Posted by Alex Mejia in Cloud Backup

Watching Rory Mcllroy winning his British Open this weekend and witnessing Asigra win in the Tech Target Enterprise Backup Golf ball Applications Comparison I realized that success has its common denominator that transcends both sport and technology; whether it’s during a golf tournament or when Asigra beats out the competition.

Being a first year golfer and learning the hard way I now understand how critical it is to own the right set of golf clubs. As much as I want to have the ability to drive my ball as far as Rory I know I can’t do it using the set of hand me down clubs I was using from 1995. That’s like saying I am going to back up my physical and virtual server when my solution only has the ability to backup end point devices. I know purchasing new clubs does not make me a better golfer but it does give me the ability to have the same technology in order to grow my game to a new level just like giving Managed Service Providers the opportunity to have an all in one solution to give themselves the ability to effectively compete with competitors no matter the market.

Users pick Asigra among top enterprise backup applications

If you think about it, Asigra’s backup and recovery software solution is like purchasing the right set of golf clubs because even though you have 14 clubs in your bag you may not need all of them at once but they are great tool to have in the set for when you do have a tough shot that requires a wedge. Our robust solution is an all in one software platform that provides you the ability of backing up virtual servers, physical servers, enterprise applications and databases as well as end point devices (desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets) and third party cloud based apps like Google Apps,, etc.. Asigra beat out the competition for a reason but don’t take my word for it, check out the leader board for yourself.

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