Why SaaS Data Priorities Matter

Feb 2015

Why SaaS Data Priorities Matter

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

With more and more organizations integrating Software as a Service applications like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps andSaaS Priorities  Salesforce.com, the recent trend in cloud adoption highlights the importance of understanding data priorities. It’s one thing for a company like Microsoft to handle your data, it’s another for you to ensure that your data is protected at all times.

In most cases, your backup needs are low on the list of SaaS application providers; that is, they have to ensure they meet their own customer SLAs and uptime. As an IT or SaaS admin however, you have your own backup SLAs and your own needs when it comes to protecting your data created and stored in cloud apps. Which begs the question, what happens when you need a backup copy of your data stored in a SaaS application? Does it even exist?

You are Ultimately Responsible for Your Data

A recurring theme at Asigra has been our everlasting belief that at the end of the day an organization is ultimately responsible for their data, wherever it may live. You would think that this would go without saying, but the advent of cloud subscription services has inevitably removed control from the hands of many IT administrators. And if there’s one thing that IT admins want, it’s full control of their data. For example with Exchange Online, let’s consider that an employee may have deleted an email permanently. Is there a way to get that email back? What if they deleted it from their trash folder or the sent folder? Or what if there was a glitch in a network that caused that email to vanish? And what if that email was critical to a major project or to the company?

Terms and Conditions Shades of Gray

According to Microsoft’s Terms and Conditions, Microsoft will compensate you for lost data but only up to $5K or subscriptions paid for the last 12 months and only if you can prove that the data loss occurred because of an error as a result of Microsoft’s infrastructure. However, aside from that remuneration, the data isn’t necessarily recovered. This might be fine for some organizations, but for other industries and jurisdictions, there are much larger fines and consequences, if during an audit you can’t present requested pieces of information such as an email or document. Litigation scenarios could potentially apply to everyone: consider the disgruntled employee who leaves the company and without warning brings forth a lawsuit against your organization. If you deleted their cloud email box for instance, then it’s hard to recover an email trail when you will most likely need that essential evidence.

Comprehensive Office 365 Data Protection

Asigra Cloud Backup™ V13 provides IT and SaaS administrators with the capability of creating backup sets that will protect Office 365 data including Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and One Drive. With the ability to protect mailboxes in mass, IT admins will be able to mass deploy their backup sets to hundreds of mailboxes at once. Also options are available to recover SaaS data either back into the cloud or to any secure third party location of your choice. Already supported with Asigra Cloud Backup is the protection of Google Apps and Salesforce. With the backup support for Office 365, organizations can now treat SaaS data with the same level of priority as their local data with a single comprehensive solution.

To learn more about the business benefits of Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13 download our product brochure or for more information on Backup for Office 365 check out our product data sheet.

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