Why I Love Asigra Cloud Backup

Feb 2014

Why I Love Asigra Cloud Backup


Valentine’s Day is no doubt one of the most popular days celebrated globally among couples. People plan differentValentines Card and unique ways to celebrate their love for each other by purchasing romantic gifts, chocolates, cards, and even getaways. So for Valentine’s Day, I’ve put together a list of my top reasons as to why I love Asigra Cloud Backup™ and why you should love Asigra too.

It’s always there when I need it:Asigra Cloud Backup can instantly restore data regardless of your location including individual files which are the most common types of data recovery. As long as there is access to the internet, all files are readily available.

I always feel secure: Files selected for backup are encrypted before transmission to a cloud vault and remain encrypted once they reach their destination. Asigra’s customers can choose from encryption strengths that range from DES 56-bit with an 8-character key, to AES 256-bit with a 32 character key. It’s also NIST FIPS 140-2 certified which is the Federal Information Processing Standard used by the US government.

It’s convenient: Once you’ve selected a backup schedule, company data is saved automatically, providing an unobtrusive and transparent solution. This “set it and forget it” model results in less operational and administrative management which doesn’t require an additional time commitment for your organization.

It provides maximum affordability: – Businesses don’t have unlimited IT budgets so it’s important to use a solution that won’t require you to incur capital expenditure. Asigra can help organizations cut costs by using their existing infrastructure, so you won’t need to buy or install expensive equipment.

To learn more about Asigra and hear why Asigra is recognized as a leader in Cloud Backup, visit our website at www.asigra.com

Happy Valentines Day!

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