Why Customer Experience Matters Whether You are Buying an iPhone or Cloud Backup

Sep 2014

Why Customer Experience Matters Whether You are Buying an iPhone or Cloud Backup

Posted by Alex Mejia

After a year of working at Asigra I have a clearer understanding that purchasing a software license from Asigra is about more iPhone  than just pricing; it’s about the experience. To explain why, let me use the analogy of an iPhone and discuss benefits beyond features. Yes, an iPhone can send a text message, email, take pictures and make phone calls just like all the other phones on the market but what makes the iPhone different is that when you buy from Apple you’re actually spending your money for the overall customer experience.

Customer Experience Matters

If you’ve ever had a defective phone then you can relate. You no longer need to go to your wireless provider who will likely send your phone off to the manufacturer and charge you a fee for a loaner phone; as the manufacturer determines whether to replace your phone or fix it. No one enjoys having to wait a long period of time which can sometimes be weeks to get an update on the status of their phone. You can ask my father in law how long he had to wait for a response back from the phone manufacturer.

Apple has made it so simple that you just walk into an Apple store, speak with an Apple genius who will run tests and if they need to replace your iPhone it is replaced on the spot. Apple’s experience is applied across all their products which results in customers like me who purchase a Macbook over a less expensive laptop with the same features because it’s not always about the price.

Asigra Believes in the Customer Experience

How does Asigra relate to Apple? Looking beyond the award winning product, we provide a completely different experience for Managed Service Providers. Just take a quick look at the value in partnering with Asigra. As a Partner you will receive numerous sales and marketing tools to accelerate your go to market strategy.

  • Online Miller Heiman sales training & certification
  • Technical training & certification
  • Monthly business & technology focused webinars
  • Monthly Asigra partner newsletter to keep up-to-date on news, events, offers, etc.
  • Access to the Asigra Hybrid Partner Portal
  • Invitation to the annual Asigra Global Partner Summit

When joining the Asigra team I knew I would be empowered to succeed in my role, so it’s no surprise that Asigra will go the extra mile to empower its partner ecosystem to succeed, by providing an overall experience that is second to none. If you would like more information about the Asigra experience or to find out more about our Partner Program, download.

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