Why brand your managed backup service?

Mar 2010

Why brand your managed backup service?


Image of famous company logos Have you thought about your brand lately? Have you asked yourself the simple question “What’s the first thing that comes to my customers’ minds when they think of us?”  If you haven’t, now’s the time to start. Here’s why:

The Managed Backup Services market is heating up

Forrester’s Henry Dewing reported in mid-2009 that 49% of North American and European network and telecom decision makers said that they were somewhat/very interested in procuring Storage and Backup as a service. Over the last 6 months, this trend has continued and Managed Service Providers are looking to make the most of the growing opportunity by offering a bundle of services that solve numerous business problems.

It’s time to rise above the noise

In all this excitement, a lot of MSPs are forgetting to pay attention to the basics, especially their brand.

A strong brand identity:

  • Makes building brand awareness easier - A clear and memorable identity makes it easier to induce top-of-mind awareness amongst your target audience.
  • Helps make the customer experience consistent - Once you determine what your brand must stand for or represent, you can then look at each customer touch-point (phone calls, emails, newsletters, sales behavior during webinars and trade shows etc.) and design an experience that is not only consistent but also reinforces your brand message.
  • Creates loyalty - Consumers develop relationships with brands, the same way people develop relationships with each other. A strong identity allows consumers to attach meaning to brands and develop an emotional connection with them.
  • Helps you rise above the noise and truly differentiate yourself - At the end of the day, you want to be recognized and known, not as just another company but as YOU. Remember, rising above the noise with a clear brand identity requires a lot less marketing spend.

If you’re looking to figure out how you should brand yourself and what your brand must stand for, I would recommend reading the first two chapters of David Aaker’s book “Brand Leadership”. In these chapters, Aaker guides you through a model called the “Brand Identity Planning Model”. Spending a few hours on this tool will give you clarity on your brand’s identity.

Finally, talk to your software vendors and ask them for help as well. Use them as a sounding board for your ideas. Remember, software vendors benefit as much as you do when you grow your business!

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