Who Protects Your Data in the Cloud?

Nov 2012

Who Protects Your Data in the Cloud?

Posted by Zaid Rasid

Data ProtectionWith the advent of cloud computing, we live in a world of convenience, where our data can be stored online without too many concerns about who takes care of it. If you think about your own personal experiences with the cloud, you realize that all of your email, being stored in Gmail, or all of your pictures being stored in Facebook, are all saved and maintained by someone else. I think it's safe to say that many of us take this for granted and we make assumptions that our emails or pictures are protected. In our business lives, we make similar assumptions, for example, a Salesforce.com database being protected. But is it the case that these third party providers have our best interests in mind?

So let's ask the question of whether a company like Salesforce or Google backs up our data? If they do, how often are they performing the backups? What technologies are they using? Could it be they're using tape drives for backup? Maybe you're not a fan of tape or think it has limitations? Maybe Salesforce only offers a weekly backup option to its users? Does that meet your requirements? And how much would it cost you to approach Salesforce and ask for the recovery of lost data? Could it be expensive?

Then there's the possibility that a data company could one day, altogether disappear or go out of business. Although highly unlikely, what if Salesforce goes out of business or Facebook decides to shut down or their data center is hit by a major storm or disaster? Although unlikely, we've seen many examples of this happening in real life, where competing technologies have taken over or online services have shut down completely, taking with them without warning, all of your data.

With Asigra's recent launch of its V12 software, we're proud to say that you can now backup and fully recover your data from SaaS and PaaS applications like Salesforce.com. In fact, you no longer need to rely on contacting Saleforce to backup and recover your data. Addressing the questions we mentioned above, Salesforce is known to backup your data on a nightly basis by using tape drives, a technology that you might not be comfortable with. And according to Salesforce's very own support page, the cost for data recovery is at a minimum $10,000. With Asigra, we eliminate this cost entirely and allow you to backup and recovery your data whenever you like and as often as you like.  We've recognized that the data in the cloud belongs to you, and you shouldn't have to rely on someone else to protect it or to manage it.

If you want to 'take' your data back, contact us and we'll put you in touch with the right provider . To learn more about what's new in Asigra Version 12, click here to download the data sheet.

The more we progress towards a cloud based world, the more important it will be to ensure that your data is protected irrespective of where it's located or who has access to it.


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