What would you do if your healthcare clinic suffered a data breach?

Sep 2012

What would you do if your healthcare clinic suffered a data breach?

Posted by Cynthia Hart

Medical ThermometerWith the announcement of the iPhone 5 last week, I have been thinking about just how much the world and technology has changed since the first iPhone came out only five years ago in 2007. It seems as though the iPad and smart phone technology has been around forever! As consumers are becoming more technologically advanced, workplaces are adopting these technologies as the line between personal and work are blurring.

Employees are using their smart phones to create, consume, and store work and personal data and the tablet is creeping into industries that had traditionally only used paper filing systems, particularly the healthcare industry. More and more healthcare clinics, hospitals and doctors are employing the use of laptops and tablets to create, track and store patient records. In many ways this is great – less human error in record-keeping, easily searchable data – but what about patient security?

A couple things come to mind in regard to hosting medical records on endpoint devices:

  1. Clinics and hospitals need to develop and implement mobile device and endpoint device policies to protect the data, such as patient records, that are stored on these devices. As more and more physicians and nurses are creating data on these devices at patient bed sides, IT Directors and Clinic Administrators need to ensure that this data is backed up and the risk of data breaches is minimized to protect the organization's reputation. Organizations face enormous risks due to the fact that medical information is now edited and maintained on end user devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones.
  2. A data breach or loss can lead to disastrous circumstances from reputational loss to the costs of litigation, compliance, and remediation.

What if your doctor's tablet is stolen or lost and she never backed up the data about your test results? Too often in the news you hear about hospitals suffering a data breach – and only about four out of every ten companies have a policy to backup the data on laptops.

Asigra Cloud Backup™ provides end-to-end data protection with a single enterprise platform, enabling hospital workers to easily backup and secure their data at an offsite data center. You can learn more about how Asigra is securing endpoint devices in this recent white paper entitled, "Endpoint data protection solutions for Healthcare."

Let's hope your doctor is backing up!

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