What is Relationship Rhythm?

Jun 2012

What is Relationship Rhythm?

Posted by Cynthia Hart

Eran Farajun, Asigra's executive vice president, responsible for the company's global expansion, overseeing sales, marketing, business development, and long-term strategic initiatives for Asigra's cloud backup and recovery software, took the stage this morning at the Asigra Cloud Backup Partner Summit. He has nearly 20 years industry experience and was recently named one of CRN's 2012 Channel Chiefs.

To kick off Day 2 of the annual partner summit, Eran's keynote entitled, "What is Relationship Rhythm?," addressed a new way of thinking about the core relationships between Asigra and Asigra Cloud Backup Partners, as well as the  relationship between Asigra partners and their customers, and the relationships that Asigra Partners have with one another within the Asigra ecosystem. The concept of "relationship rhythm" focuses on strengthening partnership chains and enhancing the overall customer experience to the next level – trusted, valuable and memorable.

Cloud backup software and managed services by themselves is likely not something special or memorable to an end-user. There are many different software choices and many different managed services provider choices. Being able to provide a valuable and memorable experience to your customers is at the heart of "relationship rhythm."

A harmonious "relationship rhythm" between Asigra and Asigra Cloud Backup Partners can be defined as "value beyond software."  It is about a business partnership that extends beyond technology to include the alignment of business models from a marketing, sales and technology perspective. Asigra is not just a technology provider, but rather a business partner focused on delivering value to our partners and creating value within our partner ecosystem. Extensive sales and marketing resources in the form of an automated marketing platform with turnkey cloud backup demand generation campaigns, best practices sales management skills training through Miller Heiman, technical certification programs are provided to all partners to help them scale their cloud backup managed services along with innovative, market leading enterprise cloud backup and recovery software.

When there are harmonious synergies within your partnerships, this can transfer into a valuable experience for your customers. Creating this top-of-the-line experience for a customer is not something they will easily forget, which translates into loyalty, repeat business and referred business. Having a strong "relationship rhythm" throughout the chain is the only way to OutMarket, OutSell and OutPerform.

Are you providing a memorable customer experience to your customers? Do you have "relationship rhythm" with your customers?

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