What Happens when Office 365 Goes Down?

Dec 2015

What Happens when Office 365 Goes Down?

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

Office365Well it was inevitable; numerous sources are reporting that Microsoft Office 365 went down for users around Europe and the UK today. Of course with anything that is online based, it’s expected that despite the efforts of a provider like Microsoft, sometimes their service will be unavailable. And though that expectation isn’t a terrible thing, issues do arise when online services like Word, Excel and especially Email become unavailable. Ultimately that means business can stop for anyone subscribing to these services. The Telegraph talks about the recent outage here and CRN reports about the issue here.

Good news however for the affected users that a Microsoft spokesperson reports that indeed after a short outage, mainly caused by the corresponding Azure platform that Office 365 runs on, the services are back in order and fully functioning. Reporters online bring up the ordeal as somewhat embarrassing for Microsoft considering the Office 365 product name suggests that the service is ‘always-on’.

And What About Your Data?

This type of embarrassment might be a minor occurrence for Microsoft but it does highlight the increasing trend of ensuring that your company data, that’s stored through online services, is protected. In the worst case scenario, that the servers don’t come back, what happens to your data? At that point, all of your Word docs, your Excel spreadsheets and not to mention most of your Email, is essentially out of your hands and quite literally in the hands of a company like Microsoft.

Asigra’s Office 365 Data Protection Solution

Asigra has identified and provides a solution through its global ecosystem of partners to protect your data in cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce.com. So despite service disruptions you can be rest assured that at the very least you will have your data safely secured and encrypted with a proper backup. After all, your organization has ultimate responsibility for protecting your critical data, regardless of where that data resides.

Learn how Asigra can help you protect your critical data hosted in Office 365 and other SaaS-based applications.

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