Warming up to HIPAA Compliance

Jan 2011

Warming up to HIPAA Compliance


As part of my job as an Asigra channel rep, I was chatting recently with Dave from Dakota Backup. It was a routine discussion of Asigra news, market trends, their needs, and I’m sure I complained about the Canadian winter.

During our conversation, Dave mentioned that some of his successes in the last couple of months resulted from taking a consultative approach with his prospects. Take note: these are successes that any Managed Service Provider can achieve. It all goes back to creating value for your prospects by addressing their concerns AND their needs. In this case, the need was regulatory compliance.

Dave credited his successes to his “three week trip”.

I immediately thought, “Wait, did he go on vacation? Sand, surf, and pina coladas – so he could return well-rested and fully-charged to close sales?” (I was wrong. Blame it on the frigid temperatures here in Toronto. All I can think about is the sun and temperatures over 30 degrees!)

In fact, Dave took a three week business trip to visit some of the top resellers in Dakota Backup’s channel. During his travels, he stopped at Connecting Point Computer Center of Bismarck, ND and met with twenty of their end-users.

Connecting Point, using Dakota Backup solutions Powered by Asigra, has successfully migrated a number of its end-users from tape backup solutions.  While tape may appear to be a satisfactory method for backup because of its low costs, it does have capacity limitations, little or no data reduction technology, and data held on tape is often unencrypted, which poses major security risks.  Connecting Point removed the frustration of tape backup for these customers by eliminating the burden of managing backup processes altogether.

I wondered to myself, was it really that easy? How did Dave visit twenty end-users – mostly dentists, doctors and nursing homes – and immediately sign up fourteen new customers? Plus six more that plan to sign up before the end of Q1 2011?

It was easy. As Dave said, “It’s was FIPS-140-2, Bonnie. They need to be HIPAA compliant.”

Ah yes, what else could it have been? After all, when choosing a backup solution, security IS a top concern for customers like dentists, doctors and nursing homes – even if they don’t know it.

Dave put on his consulting hat for these end-users and told them all about the “Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act”. As soon as his prospects learned about Breach Notification Requirements, it was a done deal!

I can’t think of a better way of warming up than by hearing about Asigra partners’ successes.

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