Video Introduction to Asigra’s Recovery License Model

Dec 2013

Video Introduction to Asigra’s Recovery License Model

Posted by Zaid Rasid in Cloud Backup

We've been talking a lot about our new Recovery License Model®(RLM), a performance-based pricing model that is simple and fair, so we put together an introductory video that details how it works.

By watching the video you will learn :

  • The percentage of data that most companies recover annually – benchmark yourself against the industry
  • How you can expect immediate backup and recovery cost savings from the RLM
  • How your Recovery Performance Score can lead to sustainable long term savings
  • Why your data is never held 'hostage'
  • How a major disaster or largest recovery event will NOT impact your score
  • How Asigra Recovery Tracker™, a powerful analytics engine, can provide corporate IT departments and services providers with recovery analytics to improve IT operational efficiencies.

Watch the quick 4 minute video below:

If after watching the video, you are still curious about how the Recovery License Model can deliver savings to you, check out our Recovery License Model calculator or email us at

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