[VIDEO] CoreVault Secure Success Story – Dr. Mark Vandenberg

Feb 2012

[VIDEO] CoreVault Secure Success Story – Dr. Mark Vandenberg

Posted by Samantha Morris

Asigra Hybrid Partner CoreVault provides cloud backup services to a number of medical practices across the United States. 

CoreVault client, Dr. Mark Vandenberg, discusses how business continuity is critical for medical professionals. Dr. Vandenberg goes on to say “the sheer amount of information including phone numbers, addresses, names, birth dates, it would just be an insurmountable task if we had to go back and re-enter everything. Once it's gone, that would damage the practice quite a bit.”

Dr. Vandenberg describes his old backup “strategy”; the use of a zip disk at the end of each night, requiring one of his employees to ensure a backup of the day’s data was made. Often times, something out prevent the backup from happening – like someone rushing out at the end of the day. Does this sound familiar to you or your customers?  If you are a medical practice or deliver data protection services to medical practices, you may want to share this video with your peers.

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Would never, ever recommend

Would never, ever recommend Corevault to anyone. I was left high and dry when it came time to restore my data following a crash. Look elsewhere for a different company.

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