Unprotected Data Costs Health Provider $2M

Apr 2014

Unprotected Data Costs Health Provider $2M

Posted by Zaid Rasid

HealthDataManagement reports that long term non-compliance with HIPAA has cost provider organization Concertalaptop Health Services $1,725,000 when a stolen laptop resulted in the huge fine by the OCR. The OCR has made similar enforcements of at least 20 organizations recently as they “underscore the significant risk to the security of patient information posed by unencrypted laptop computers and other mobile devices”.

As has been a repeating theme on our blog, non-compliance of HIPAA regulations from a lack of having sufficient technologies in place is a recurring event that is costing health care providers, and other organizations that are responsible for sensitive data, huge amounts of monetary damages and not to mention destroying the trust of those affected by breaches.

You can read the full report here: Stolen Laptops Lead to $2 Million in HHS Fines

And of course, at Asigra, our software is built to ensure that your backup data does not cause privacy breaches. For starters, Asigra encrypts data in-flight and at-rest from ‘cradle to grave’. In fact, when it comes to breaches, we have a pretty strong track record. Over the last 26 years of operation, there have been a total of zero breaches that were cause by an Asigra data backup set, with over 1 Million end customer sites protected by Asigra technology. To learn more about how Asigra can keep your data protected visit here: https://www.asigra.com/product/security

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