Twitter for B2B – Lesson 1: Getting started

Nov 2009

Twitter for B2B – Lesson 1: Getting started


Twitter for B2B with Laura Fitton from Jeffrey L. Cohen on Vimeo.


Here’s an interview with Laura Fitton (co-author of “Twitter for Dummies”), from During the interview, Laura answers 2 very important questions (shown below) that I know are on your minds as well and so I wanted to share this with you.

1. What should I use twitter for? What if a lot of my customers aren’t on Twitter?
2. How should I set up my twitter accounts – should I just have one for my company? Or have multiple accounts for my company and myself?

Something that really stuck out for me from watching this interview was Laura’s use of the term “P2P” – referring to “Person to Person” interaction on Twitter. The reason social media has had such a game-changing effect on the way business is conducted today is that it breaks down traditional barriers to communication. It allows producers and consumers to interact on a casual, level playing field. Most importantly, from a cultural standpoint, it facilitates the sharing of information which is especially critical in the B2B space (if you’re wondering why, you’ll have to wait for my next blog post!). If organizations that use social media can understand that, there’s a ton to gain.


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