Trickle-down technology

Apr 2010

Trickle-down technology


As a marketer, one thing I love about social media is how it's made it easier to connect with our customers and partners. Many of Asigra's ecosystem of service providers maintain their own blogs, Twitter accounts or Facebook pages and it's a great lens for us to see firsthand what our partners and their customers think about on a day to day basis. One of my regular blog reads is that of InfoManage, one of Asigra's service providers in the northeast US.

InfoManage Corporation is a boutique technology services company providing enterprise-class services to the SMB marketplace. Vice President Alan Berkson recently wrote a blog post on Trickle-Down Technology where he talks about the impact of enterprise standards in the SMB marketplace. Alan hits the nail on the head when he describes how the web era has leveled the playing field for SMBs in terms of their access to technology. Companies like InfoManage demonstrate how service providers can offer its SMB customers services such as managed cloud backup, using an enterprise-grade platform (Asigra).

Read the full post here or follow Alan on Twitter for more insights.

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