Top 5 Reasons why the Cloud Backup Market is Growing

Aug 2010

Top 5 Reasons why the Cloud Backup Market is Growing

Posted by Ashar Baig in Cloud Backup

Five reasons why MSPs currently offering hosted services should be looking at this growing Cloud Backup market to move into this market.

  1. On-demand Business Model – The cloud-based on-demand business model is here now – the new economic reality is that the old asset-based business model is giving way to OPEX-based approach
  2. Magnification of MSPs size and scope – Cloud Computing eliminates the geographic boundaries for MSPs to target and attain potential customers and allows them to expand beyond their previously perceived geography and scope, magnifying their business expertise, thus allowing MSPs to expand their business
  3. Operational Efficiencies – MSPs providing cloud backup and recovery have expertise that allow them to provide services more efficiently than in-house IT departments. Due to the economic downturn, customers are smarter about their IT strategy and are more open to entertaining IT as a Service (ITaaS) and take advantage of the cost savings, due to better operational efficiencies, offered by the MSPs.  
  4. Forward Thinking MSPs – Cloud Computing elevates how MSPs think about their business. This new business model enables the MSPs to acquire new cloud-based backup and recovery skills with little effort.
  5. Low or Few Barriers to Entry – Cloud Computing lowers the overall cost of entry into the market for new MSPs.

The above reasons present business opportunities for MSPs. Cloud backup enables MSPs to grow their business by winning larger customers that are farther away. It gets MSPs in the door so that you can sell more of your expanded services resulting in incremental revenue.

Cloud business model is more acceptable today because the customer problem is being exacerbated by data compliance and disaster requirements. Data protection has not kept up with the backup and recovery resulting in an increased need for more resources and human capital, which makes cloud backup and restore a much more cost effective solution. Cloud is more efficient – when the data grows, the ability to manage that data does not scale linearly with the effort to manage the data.

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first I want to thank you for

first I want to thank you for this acitrle and I have to totally agree with you , everybody should keep their data backed up and I prefer if online more because it’s much safer and you’ll have the ability to access it anytime anywhere. As a small company owner I did a lot of research for a reliable solution also offers unlimited storage, tell recently I found Timeline Cloud; they have a 2 week trial so I signed up and so far everything is going well. They offer really good Business plan with the Cloud Disaster Recovery feature. Definitely recommend checking them. You can check them here:

Not a dumb question at all -

Not a dumb question at all - MSP stands for Managed Service Provider.

Maybe a dumb question, but

Maybe a dumb question, but what is MSP ?

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