Top 3 business reasons to choose Asigra

Jan 2010

Top 3 business reasons to choose Asigra


Why do so many MSPs choose Asigra? I get that question all the time. There are many reasons. Considering that this is a blog post, I will stick to highlighting just the top three.

Agentless Architecture- You may wonder how that can be a business reason, when it seems like a technical feature. Well it is both. Let us focus on the business side of the equation. Do you know what Agent licenses cost? Have you ever seen a CEO’s reaction when he is informed that there is a planned downtime for upgrading or patching agents? Time is money and when systems are down, planned or not, it costs big bucks. Never ending costs for buying, upgrading and patching agents becomes a business problem, even if traditionally one sees it as the IT group’s problem. It is a serious business driver. Asigra’s Agentless solution provides the antidote to these headaches. Asigra gives an MSP peace of mind, knowing that there will not be add-on costs, nor any costly downtimes to manage this solution!

Profitability- Again, time is money. One strength of Asigra’s backup and recovery solution is giving back time. Time savings for System Administrators to focus on new projects and reduce help desk incidents.  Eliminating costly downtime is both a cost saving as well as an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and foster customer loyalty. I tell people we truly offer a “set it and forget it” platform. I can sometimes hear eyes rolling when I say it, but then they try it and realize that it is true!

There is another cost saving thats easily realized- reductions in storage systems purchases. MSPs are able to decrease storage purchases with Asgira because our deduplication and compression ratios are such that an MSP does not have to constantly increase hardware to support ever growing data.

All in one solution- I hear many times from MSPs who are looking to change backup and recovery platforms because historically they have two, three or more solutions patched together. When they find out Asigra can offer local storage as well as offsite data protection and disaster recovery, deduplication, encryption, compression ,reporting and billing all in one product, they can hardly believe their ears. The cost savings are huge. They no longer have to have multiple products to purchase, license and pay maintenance agreements on. Combined with no longer needing the technical teams trained on several different solutions, they are thrilled at the cost and complexity reductions.

The three reasons here are a sample of why MSPs choose Asigra as their backup, recovery and disaster recovery solution. There are a host of other real life scenarios we hear and see each day. I could list many more, however unfortunately or fortunately(however you see it), this isn’t a book I’m writing. I welcome the opportunity to listen to the needs and challenges of business leaders and provide real solutions with Asigra. Give us the chance to show you how you can reduce costs, increase revenue and find the time to pursue other business endeavors. Asigra has your back!

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