Top 10 Reasons to Use Cloud Based Data Protection

Oct 2015

Top 10 Reasons to Use Cloud Based Data Protection


Partner AwardsAsigra’s global ecosystem of Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Resellers represent an international network of cloud backup experts. When it comes to backup and recovery, our MSP network can be trusted as thought leaders in the cloud backup and recovery space. After all, their livelihoods are built on ensuring the successful delivery of cloud backup solutions to their customers. So much so that there are over 1,000,000 installations of Asigra Cloud Backup™ around the world. But what makes Cloud Backup unique and different from traditional backup solutions? We went straight to the source and asked our partner network to provide their top reasons to choose a Cloud Based Data Protection solution. Let’s have a look:

What is your top reason to use Cloud Based Data Protection:

  1. Backup and restore anything from anywhere – Robert Hannevig, Upheads
  2. Out of site, out of mind – Greg Drumsta, tech42
  3. Because even clouds have a tough silver lining – Brent Reichow, Blueshift
  4. Get predictable costs and simpler budgeting – James Chillman, UK Backup
  5. Simplified Management – Matthew Harris, Fasset
  6. Your data is stored in a secure off-site vault away from potential environmental damages – Greg Drumsta, tech42
  7. Fulfilling Dynamic requirements – Robert Hannevig, Upheads
  8. Why pay for earthly infrastructure costs when you can receive heavenly service fees in the cloud – Brent Reichow, Blueshift
  9. Offload regulatory compliance requirements to the service provider – James Chillman, UK Backup
  10. Automation - is there a more simple way to get backups off-site? – James Watts, Databarracks

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