Threats of Lawsuits Force Government to Rethink Data Breaches

Jan 2013

Threats of Lawsuits Force Government to Rethink Data Breaches

Posted by Zaid Rasid

Data BreachIn a follow up to our previous post, new lawsuits are emerging that are influencing the government of Canada to consider new data security measures. The National Post reports that legal threats over lost student loan SIN numbers may finally push government to better secure data – and move into the cloud.

Following the incident, there have been two class-action lawsuits against the department of Human Resources and Skills Development. This has spurred the government to consider implementing a private cloud which would potentially prevent the need to physically carry sensitive data across offices.

These types of law suits are also relatively new to the courts in Canada and the challenges that are faced with securing sensitive data are beginning to emerge. And as the lawsuits emerge we are seeing an increased awareness to the public and institutions about the importance of ensuring data is protected and secured.

Compared to the US, since the legislation is still new it is not likely that the courts will find guilt to the accused parties unless evidence exists of deliberate harm to individuals. None the less, at Asigra it has been our mantra that implementing cloud solutions is a sound way to prevent data breaches from occurring in the first place.

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