Tape Backup Created Hole in Disaster Recovery Plans for SMEs

May 2013

Tape Backup Created Hole in Disaster Recovery Plans for SMEs


Businesses using traditional tape back-ups rather than cloud-based alternatives could unknowingly have a major gap in their disaster recovery plans, according to research conducted by Icomm Technologies.

Leading IT service provider Icomm Technologies surveyed 121 SMEs in the UK about their back-up solutions – finding that 73% use old-fashioned tapes to back-up data. Tapes, which are increasingly being replaced by cloud-based storage, are more prone to failure and are more subject to human error than newer options of protecting and recovering enterprise data. Additionally, the research also showed that 90% of SMEs using tapes never ran a test backup to ensure their backup method was in proper working order and that data was recoverable in case of user error or a disaster-like event.

Icomm's, Ian Callens, Sales Manager said: "The words 'disaster recovery' usually conjure up images of fire, theft and terrorism but a simple server failure is much more likely and can be just as disruptive... our new findings suggest that many businesses would not only lose data but also face delays of several days to restore their back-ups if they had an IT failure."

To learn more about disaster recovery plans and Icomm's total research findings, read the full article

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