Staying Top of Mind with Social Media

Jun 2012

Staying Top of Mind with Social Media


By Heather Margolis, CEO, Channel Maven Consulting

Whether you are a 2-person organization or a $150 million dollar business it's obvious that marketing yourselves and your company through traditional and social media are important. I may argue even slightly more important for a SaaS based offering. With SaaS you're not selling a big-ticket item once and then not hearing from customers again for 5 or 10 years. Your customers are your customers everyday, all day and you should be trying to stay top of mind at all times. Social media makes staying top of mind much easier.

Next week I'm looking forward to speaking at Asigra's Partner Summit on engaging with prospects and customers through social media and traditional marketing. If you're unable to attend check out the following tips for engaging your audience:

  • Brand yourself online: Get most of your business through word-of-mouth? That's fine but what do people find when they search for your name or your company's name?Make sure when someone searches for you they are able find you and that your competitors don't rank higher than you.
  • Update your online presence: When people find you, is your online profile as professional as you are face-to-face? If you are using any of the platforms (and you don't have to use them all) be sure that you have a complete online profile. Even if you aren't going to use the full extent of the platform, it's important that people can find information about you to decide whether or not to do business with you.
  • Listen before your launch: Before you start posting on social platforms, hear what others might be saying about your products and services. Use Google Alerts to send you emails or to your RSS reader about topics of your choosing. These alerts allow you to get updates from blogs, tweets, and articles about specific solutions such as private cloud or company names like your own or Asigra's.
  • Use the right platform for the right purpose: For staying top of mind with B2B customers LinkedIn is at the top of my list. Network Status Updates will remind your connections what you do and maybe remind them to reach out to you when they have a need. Posting into Groups introduces you to people who may not have been connected with you. Twitter is a great place to stay in touch with the masses but use lists and search to cut down on the noise.  Facebook is the place to stay top of mind with your current customers.

This is a very brief overview of what I'll be covering. Whether  you are attending next week or have questions on your online and social media marketing, I'd love to hear your questions.  Don't hesitate to email me or connect with me on LinkedIn

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