"Is Status Quo Limiting Your Business?"

Jun 2012

"Is Status Quo Limiting Your Business?"


By Rebel Brown

Are you struggling to stand out above all the digital noise?
Doing more than ever before and still not growing your business?
Wondering why the way you've always done it isn't working anymore?

And if you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, "You're probably stuck in Gravity!"

Gravity is the #1 Enemy of Business Growth. What's Gravity? That's applying yesterday's news to tomorrow's markets.  We all have it. Market Leaders defy it!

In her keynote presentation this morning, Rebel Brown challenged the audience to shift our thinking – from Gravity to Growth.     Especially when it comes to how we think about and interact with our buyers.

"Today's buyers can research select and purchase their products without getting you involved in the decision. Unless they invite you to their party, won't even know they were buying. Everything shifted. Your choices: shift, too—or get left in the past," Brown says. That's one of the most significant changes ever in our business markets.

Welcome to the Age of the Digitally Empowered Buyer

Today's buyers spend 79% of the buying cycle without a vendor involved.  Read that again. The impacts of that change on our product focus, sales and marketing processes and more are astronomical.  Gone are the days when vendors controlled the information, when buyers needed us to help them define, research and procure technology solutions. 

Today's buyers have more information than we ever offered them.  From more sources – who they trust.  Buyers simply don't need us anymore.  They get to choose who they interact with, and who they ignore.

Brown says the implications on business are significant.  She recommends three Gravity Defyin' shifts that businesses must make to capture buyers' interest.

  1. It's all about them.  Forget what you want to say, that cool feature or whizbang technology. They don't care. If you want to capture buyers' attention – you must be relevant.  From product value to information you share -  make it about the So What fore your buyer – not you.  So what does this give my buyer they didn't have before, what business value am I providing.  So what expertise can I share with my buyer that will help them solve their problem, even if they don't buy from me. That's how you garner trust.
  2. Conversation is the new Campaign.  All those marketing and sales campaigns are a waste of time and money.  Pushing information to our buyers is the kiss of death in today's world.  You'll simply send them running.  Your buyers want conversations that are relevant, engaging and real-time. Not some blog you defined 3 months ago.  It's time to transform your approaches to communicating with your audiences. You must be dynamic, relevant, and engaging about them if you want to capture attention.  That's the same for sales, marketing, service and more.
  3. Think Internet Dating.   You are no longer in control of your buyer.  That means your biggest challenge is to get their attention in the online world.  You have 5 seconds or they are gone, off to another website or resource. You won't grab them with Me Me Me chest thumping claims.  Think internet dating – from your website to your social media, digital communications and more.  Woo them, don't promote yourself.

Everything changed in our digital economy. The last few years have created more challenges than ever before. They've also created strong opportunities for those who accept the challenge to shift – from Gravity to Growth.


Rebel Brown is a recognized expert in business strategy, corporate and product market positioning and high momentum market launches. Her best selling market strategy book - Defy Gravity – is every leaders guide to shifting processes and thinking to the new economy.   Rebel has been featured in media including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider, Startup Nation, First Business TV, ChangeThis.com, 800CEORead, Exceptional People and more.

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