SNIA launching a Special Interest Group for Cloud Backup and Restore

Jul 2010

SNIA launching a Special Interest Group for Cloud Backup and Restore


In it's upcoming webinar, SNIA's Cloud Storage Initiative will be introducing an exciting new Cloud Backup and Restore (Cloud BUR) Special Interest Group. This webinar is open to all and will address various cloud education and collaboration activities for end users, the channel, and vendors at the SNIA Symposium, SNIA Storage Developers Conference and CloudBurst, SNW Dallas, and SNW Europe.

I wanted to share this here with you as it's a great way to get to know SNIA and the Cloud Storage Initiative and also get involved (if you aren't already!).

You can click here to register.

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Storagebod: a reiserhfng call

Storagebod: a reiserhfng call to action!As a longstanding SNIA watcher, the end-user involvement is clearly lacking. Ambitions have been high, but participation did not reach the heyday of GUIDE and SHARE as an example.Conversely, imagine storage networking run in isolation by proprietarily minded vendors: truly dreadful. So SNIA made a very positive difference.But committee work is slow and cannot keep up with innovation. Hence it ended up being a vendor club, as customers ran out of steam to volunteer.Rereading the vision and mission statement, it appears to confirm the vendor focus. And certification never really took off, as I recall.The European Academies are good and so is the idea of nurturing social networking. If this is valuable enough, then peer-to-peer pressure could re-ignite the SNIA end-user contingent.Having experienced the energy of the un-conference and un-panels of CloudCamp, SNIA should learn from these initiatives which are very much in the spirit of modern social networks. And #storagebeers does not need to be invented, it is already there!

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