Slash Recovery Time Objectives to Less than 1 Day

Apr 2013

Slash Recovery Time Objectives to Less than 1 Day


If your organization is like many organization's these days, you have a portion of field employees who are working remotely generating vast amounts of data that may never hit your internal network. You may have an outdated tape library or unacceptable recovery times. Whatever the case may be, ensuring you are properly able to recover your data in disaster-like events is of utmost importance.

For a 150 employee construction firm, that had performed an internal audit they discovered that if their facility was affected by a natural disaster business wouldn't be able to recover for at least 10 days. Realizing the significance of a recovery time like this, the company turned to 4 other potential vendors plus PCNet, powered by Asigra to try to find the best solution for their company.

PCNet's hybrid storage solution, powered by Asigra ended up winning the construction company's business by standing out in four areas:

  1. Highest security standards;
  2. Annual Disaster recovery testing;
  3. Development of a Disaster Recovery Plan for their business;
  4. Dedicated facility in case of disaster to continue core business operations

Not only did these four differentiators win the deal, but as mentioned in Business Solutions magazine, they were able to slash recovery times from their original 10 days down to less than a day thanks to recent improvements Asigra made to its software.

With the importance and value of your corporate data, as well as complex enterprise IT environments, ensuring you choose a service provider that can address your changing needs with a sophisticated backup, recovery and restore strategy is of utmost important. To learn more about what critical requirements enterprises should consider in a backup and recovery service provider (100% recovery notwithstanding!) view the Requirements Checklist for Choosing a Cloud Backup and Recovery Service Provider.

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