The Sky is Falling! Actually, No…it’s not and the Public Cloud isn’t dead either.

Aug 2011

The Sky is Falling! Actually, No…it’s not and the Public Cloud isn’t dead either.

Posted by Jacob Woods

I wanted to speak about the Public Cloud scaremongering that’s been going on recently.  I’ve read too many different blogs, LinkedIn Posts, Tweets, and had various conversations around the security of Public Cloud, all with little to no context to backup their claims.  So I figured it was time to respond with a post  of my own.   I currently came across a blog post  that right in the title screams “The Public Cloud is Dead”!  But when you read it, there is nothing factual about it, it’s simply the opinion of the writer.  It makes as much sense as saying Charlie Sheen proves that fame is healthy or that Myspace will take over Facebook…just because a few people say it doesn’t make it true.

While the author of this blog and I disagree on the future of the Public Cloud, he makes a very compelling point, Companies want control, security of their data, and most of all,  accountability from their provider”.  I couldn’t agree more with this statement. 

When you’re a Managed Service Provider ( MSP) leveraging a Public Cloud, you need to be providing your customers with true multi-tenancy.  By this I mean, your customer and only your customer can decrypt their data.  Anything less and you’re rolling the dice with both your reputation and revenues on the line.

I often liken the Public Cloud to a Hotel.  When we stay in a hotel, we share common resources with fellow patrons, but once in our rooms, we can’t see, talk, or hear (well maybe) anyone else in the hotel.  The hotel has provided us with a unique key to our room and only our room. If we leave our door wide open, and someone steals our wallet, we can’t hold the hotel accountable.

It’s interesting when you look at the source of some of Public Cloud detractors.  Often you needn’t dig too deep before it’s quite evident that there’s an obvious agenda being served.  Whether it’s someone who wants to sell you hardware for your own Private Cloud, a blogger writing about a trending topic to grab some more followers, and lastly and least culpable in my opinion for the scaremongering is the misinformed.  With all the misinformation out there it’s no wonder some folks are simply left scratching their heads.  To these end users, I say, educate yourself, fully understand where your data is going, know the level encryption that is protecting your data, and who holds the encryption key.

To those who disagree, ‘MySpace me’! ;)

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