The sharing of Information

Nov 2009

The sharing of Information



Technology is a marvelous thing. If you think about the business world, be it SMB, SME, Enterprise, or MSP, we all encounter technological challenges. Now, the question is, “how good do you feel when you’ve implemented technology that really solved a pain point?”

Just 2 days ago I was on the phone with a customer and I asked him the following questions. How did you look to solve your challenges? How did your search begin to find a suitable solution? Did you start online? Call your favorite account manager at your go-to reseller? Ask some friends or colleagues in the industry? The answer was not surprising. YES to all.

When it comes time to engaging with suitable solutions that may solve current challenges, what’s truly needed is the sharing of information. Today’s technology manufacturers should not be ‘sales people’. They should be acting as consultants. They should be willing to open the floor up to you. The more information that you (as a prospect) can share with technology vendors/solution providers, the more they can help determine whether or not their solution is a fit for you. By informing them of the challenges you are facing, and allowing them to address how their solution will help alleviate them, you will have the ability to make a much more informed choice.

At the end of the day, we’re all consumers. Think of how you like your buying process to be and seek out those organizations that will allow you to make the most efficient choices for your technology needs.


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