Selling on value? Then you’ve got potential!

Nov 2009

Selling on value? Then you’ve got potential!


Having worked in the storage industry for 20 years now, I have seen a lot of trends and technologies come and go. Right now there is trend that is hot and everyone wants a piece. That trend is the cloud and in particular, cloud backup. As an ardent follower of newsletters and blogs, I’ve noticed, especially in the past couple of months, a proliferation of companies and products offering cloud backup. It seems like almost daily there is an announcement about a new company or product that is touted as the next great thing in remote backup and DR. In past years the buzz words were de-duplication or ILM. Right now “cloud” is the hottest place to be and everyone wants to get in the game.

The sheer volume of products and services available for cloud based backup is mind blowing. Granted, the majority of these products are taking aim at the low cost consumer and small business market, but there are still a ton of products out there in the market.  In a press release by IDC last spring, they stated that they expect spending on cloud services to reach US $42billion by 2012. No wonder so many companies want a piece of that revenue pie.

So, where does that leave Asigra and Asigra powered MSPs? We have been doing this for 23 years and so have many of our largest MSP partners. They know that to differentiate yourself from the pack you need to offer premium services and support, not just cheap costs. So what do you do if you are the new MSP on the block? Unfortunately, there is not a cut and dry easy answer to that question. Everyone wants to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible, but how do you do it in today’s market? Although the number of dollars to be spent is increasing, the market is getting more crowded every day.

At Asigra we can help new MSPs or MSPs new to managed backup turn this service in to a viable revenue stream. Asigra is a top end managed backup product which now has a very competitive price point.  At Asigra we help hundreds of MSPs not only determine where they should look for business, but also help them refine their service offerings to appeal to larger SMB and even enterprise level customers who require a premium level of service and are willing to pay more for that level of service. That is where the real revenue will be found. Not trying to find end users who want to spend $25 dollars a year to backup their data to the cloud. This is the message that I am preaching to our customers.


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