Recover your enterprise content in Microsoft SharePoint more easily with greater confidence

Jun 2013

Recover your enterprise content in Microsoft SharePoint more easily with greater confidence

Posted by Pavan Vyas in Cloud Backup

Microsoft SharepointMicrosoft SharePoint is one of the most, if not the most popular content management applications in enterprise today. In a recent webinar, Gartner mentioned that about 77% of their customers use Microsoft SharePoint.

Enterprises use Microsoft SharePoint in multiple ways. Some use it as a pure content repository where they store important files and documents. Others expand this use case to make it their knowledge management repository helping bring structure around sharing and access to information. More advanced users of SharePoint use it as a collaboration and content workflow platform creating team sites and workflows to aid and govern content creation processes. The most advanced leverage it to build their own custom applications around Microsoft SharePoint.

Gartner also reports that today’s SharePoint implementations are becoming larger, more dispersed and complicated – with over 50-60 servers running the application across the globe and deployment sizes being anywhere between 1TB to 50TB. This seems natural in the world of big data and the consumerization of the enterprise. As more and more of the enterprise content is becoming interactive and is being stored in rich formats, the size of the content database that stores all of these is also getting bigger. This explains the growing size of SharePoint installations.

But all of this begs the question – how do you protect this information in the secure content repository? How do you ensure that a hardware failure, a disaster or an unauthorized deletion does not deny you access to your critical organizational data assets? How do you ensure that you can recover from such situations with certainty in the least amount of time?

Asigra’s comprehensive SharePoint backup and recovery features including the Single-Pass Microsoft SharePoint backup and restore functionality is designed to help enterprises overcome exactly this set of challenges. Flexible and granular restores can be performed from a single backup copy of the data. And Asigra’s recovery and restore assurance features ensure that you can always recover the data when you need it.

For more information about Asigra’s SharePoint backup and recovery capabilities, download the Asigra SharePoint Datasheet.

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